Future Vision Story and Capacity Building Report

Recently the Regional Board approved the Future Vision Story and Capacity Building Report for the Great River Regional Assembly. Our future vision tells the story based in the year 2024, and reflects back on the progress that we made as a region. I encourage you to read the story and begin to reflect on the implications for our future together. We are hoping that the Assembly receives the Future Vision story to share, dialogue, and discern our future together. Our future vision story is being shared in groups throughout the three states, and will be sent to all congregations as part of the Regional Docket for Regional Assembly.  

Hearing the Future Stories of our region gives us hope. It is exciting to think that small, somewhat isolated congregations could be part of this re-imagined Great River Region where: 

  • sharing resources would not only give congregations more tools for ministry but deepen the connection between Disciple churches
  • sharing experiences through live streaming and in-person cohort groups builds community and address the difficulties of our expanded region where many don’t know what other DOC churches and congregational and regional leaders look like
  • investing in transformative leadership training for laity and clergy  equips all members to better serve their communities, thereby strengthening congregations
  • valuing camp programs for all ages, especially youth, we make memories and ignite spiritual formation that endures.
I want to be a part of this story. Do you?                                                                                                    Gina Anthon
            FCC, Hammond

To read or download the Great River Region CC (DOC) 2024 Vision Report here

"Listening sessions" are planned around the region during September and October - in addition to meetings in your area, we will also offer them via Zoom Conference.  If you are unable to attend the Zoom Conference on your computer/tablet/smart phone, you can also participate by calling in via telephone.  Following are the Listening Sessions that are currently scheduled:

To call into the Zoom Conference by telephone:
    Dial: 1-646-876-9923  or 1-669-900-6833.  The Meeting ID number is: 331 670 370